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Thank you for reaching out to Mom's Milk B/CS, we are honored that you chose us to help you and your baby reach your feeding goals. The fastest way to contact us is by filling out the form below. We provide home visits in B/CS, Navasota, Washington, and Brenham.  We are able to provide video call visits for those outside our standard service area. 

Kimberly is currently focused on training new students. She is handles the most complex cases herself, but also supervises all of the interns by reading every chart and email. She is able to step in any time more expertise is needed and ensures the practice provides evidence-based and family-centered care. 

Rachel is an IBCLC and has thousands of hours of experience working with families. She is trained to handle cases of all complexities. She is currently focused on midwifery school and has limited availability for lactation work. 

Natalie is an IBCLC and has additional training as a volunteer breastfeeding peer counselor.  She is trained to handle cases of all complexities. 

Eboni is a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist. She is available to see clients in the Brenham/Washington/Navasota area and has limited availability in B/CS. Eboni is also prepared to help with most breastfeeding issues.

Kristen sees clients in B/CS. She is detail oriented and excels at helping families who had a tough start or are dealing with infant medical issues, but loves prenatal appointments and basic latch help too. 

Patty is our newest intern and currently focuses on helping families that are experiencing common challenges.  She is known for her welcoming personality and ability to calm stressed or nervous parents. 

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