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Thank you for reaching out to Mom's Milk B/CS, we are honored that you chose us to help you and your baby reach your feeding goals.


Kimberly is currently focused on training new students. She is actively involved in oversight of each family's case to ensure you have evidence-based and family-centered care. She is also available for home visits and email support.

Rachel is an IBCLC and has thousands of hours of experience working with families. She is trained to handle cases of all complexities. She is currently focused on midwifery school and has limited availability for lactation work. 

Natalie is a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and has additional training as a volunteer breastfeeding peer counselor.  She is training to become an IBCLC and is prepared to help families with any common breastfeeding issues such as latch and pumping and will hand off cases beyond her current abilities to either Rachel or Kimberly. 

Julie has nearly completed her training and is preparing to take her final certification exam to become an IBCLC. She has recently relocated to the Atlanta area and is only available to support B/CS families by email or virtual visit.