Parent Education Classes

Classes are currently virtual due to Covid-19. One-on-one in-person visits are available on request.

Breastfeeding Basics

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This class will cover the information you need to get started breastfeeding your newborn. We will cover benefits of breastfeeding, basic breastfeeding physiology, how to get a comfortable latch, how to know your baby is getting enough milk, what to expect in the early weeks, and common concerns. We recommend you take this class between 32 and 38 weeks of pregnancy unless you have a previous history of preterm labor or delivery. Suggested donation for the class is $20/couple. 


Breastfeeding the Older Baby

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This class will cover the questions families often have about breastfeeding a baby older than 6 months. We will discuss the benefits of continued breastfeeding, starting solids, how to know your older baby is getting enough, preventing/stopping biting, and what to expect with weaning. Dependent on class participants' needs, we can also cover information about the return to full fertility and tandem nursing. I recommend you take this class when your baby is 4 months or older and s/he is welcome to come to class with you. The price is $20/couple. 


Breastfeeding and Working

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This class will cover the tips and tricks to maximize pumping output and keep baby breastfeeding. Bring your pump so we can talk about the best way to use the specific model you have. We will also formulate a specific pumping plan for each mom's work schedule. This class is best to take after you have had your baby and your baby is welcome to come with you. The price is $20/couple.